Thou shalt never lie, this is a commandment that we all have broken at some point in our lives and are still breaking. Be it little white lies or major whoppers, we’ve all crossed the line at one point or the other.

Whether it is rocking up late at work and in response to a red faced boss you start “explaining” and listing the many creative reasons as to why you were late.

Or during school times when you didn’t do your home work, with submission time looming, you start scratching your bag to find phantom home work that you know very well you didn’t do.

The biggest liars according to American comedian, Kevin Hart are married couples. He says that sometimes women force you to lie.

Here is a dialogue between a woman and a man

What do you do when you are forced to lie?

Woman: Hey babe, where are you?

Man: Hey hun, I am at the park feeding pigeons.

Woman: (aggressive voice) Who are you trying to fool? I know you are out with some bi@*h!
Since when do you feed pigeons?

Man: Takes the phone and puts it next to the pigeons as evidence to make the woman believe that he is really with pigeons.

Woman: Do you think I am dumb?
There is no pigeon that sounds like that.

What do you do then during this situation?

You just have to lie and tell her what she wants to hear.

The worst is, trying to get away with lying to your parents. No matter how great your story can be, you will never get away with that *side-eye* look your mother is throwing at you. So, the harder we try, the more creative we get

So we spent some time on Twitter to find Mzansi’s #BestLieYouEverToldYourParents:

1. @thato-mokau

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Join in the conversation: @theyoungindy
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