Think like a man! Guys aren’t easy creatures to understand, BUT this doesn’t mean that you can’t understand them at all. If you’re struggling to read his mind, we are here to help you cure that confusion.

OK – so you’re really into a guy, but you are not sure if he feels the same way. Or maybe you caught him with his eyes locked on you, and you felt like you had a “moment”. Now you are wondering whether he is actually interested in you, or you are just imagining it. The uncertainty is actually unbearable for both parties. I mean…the last thing you want is to have false hope.

Most of us have ideas of what “perfect” love should be, what it should look like, and how it should feel like. In many instances these ideas are plainly wrong but because we are too blinded by them we can’t even see love when it hits.

The point is, love is a tricky thing. There is really no master of love. How do you really know if it’s plain love or he is just playing games?

This is the art we all want to master- a guy can say he likes you but truly loves you and a guy can say they love you but act the total opposite. As beautiful as it is, it can also be scary and there are chances that it might turn out badly. Like the old saying goes, “Don’t fall in-love unless you have someone to catch you”. Most of us enclose our hearts with electric fences and bull dogs until we are certainly sure that he feels the same.

Signs that he might be in love with you: (If you answer yes to any of the statements below, a healthy attraction definitely exists)

1. He stares at you with a soppy expression

2. He sends cryptic texts that could be taken in different ways e.g.

3. He gets jealous over silly stuff, but tries incredibly hard to appear like he doesnt care (do notice his face twitching though

4. He buys you small gifts or snacks

5. He wants you to hang out with him often

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6. He texts to make sure you’re safe and walks you back

7. He mimics your body language e.g. when you lean forward, he leans forward

8. He sends you music that reminds him of you, or that he assumes you would like

9. Notices cute things about you or a change in appearance e.g. Hey, You’ve got a new hairstyle

10. Never forget the little details that you’ve spoken about e.g. that your mom took you to see the swans on the 15th when you were 4 years old


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11. You start speaking to him in key words, that only the two of you understand 😉

Disclaimer: There’s no master plan. These are just the strongest indicators of feelings

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