SOCIAL media is fair game, right? Wrong. Over-use and abuse it and you’ll end up unliked, unfollowed and maybe blocked.

Teens and young adults from HDI Youth Marketeers’ Junior Board of Directors were asked for the top 10 rules when it came to social media. This is what they had to say:

#1. Thou shalt not post more than two photos or statuses a day.

Please don’t dominate our feed with spam of every course of your Michelin-star dinner, every 360-degree angle of your selfie (no matter how “on point” your hair or brows are), or every change of opinion.

#2. Thou shalt not stalk and mistakenly like a photo from 68 weeks ago.

We all do it. Twenty clicks later and you’re looking at Rocking the Daisies photos on your boyfriend’s friend’s sister-in-law’s best friend’s page. Just watch that finger pressure while you creep, because after a few swipes, your finger will “like”. Once you double tap, you can’t go back.

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#3. Thou shalt not accept friend requests from extended family.

Nothing takes cred out of a cool pic faster than your aunt and mother sharing formalities in the comments section.

“Hello Debs, Sam looks just like you 30 years ago. Hope you, Joe and the kids are well. LOL Sue.”

#4. Thou shalt not over-filter or make-up-app thy selfies.

We know what you look like in real life. And we know what digital eyeshadow and “Beauty Face” airbrushing looks like. Keep it real and stick to one filter.

#5. Thou shalt not force “your like could save a life” on us.

We’re not nearly as naïve as you think. We know that passively putting a thumbs-up on a picture of a drought won’t create change. So, stop with the guilt trip and give us real opportunities to take action.

#6. Thou shalt not use #LoveLivesHere or #Blessed in every second post.

Yes, we get that you want to show us all how great your life, and love life, are. But please do it in moderation – the pics, the posts, the hashtags

#7. Thou shalt not like thy own posts.

Not even to change your like count to an even number. It’s pretty obvious you like it if you posted it.

This doesn’t even qualify to be wrong, it’s sad, in fact. It just looks lame when you pat your own back!

#8. Thou shalt not make a new relationship Facebook-official.

There’s no subtle way to change your relationship status on social media, and a break up is much worse when everyone knows about it (including opportunists sliding into your DMs).

Keep it private until you know this one’s a keeper.

#9. Thou shalt not play Dr Phil to thy followers.

Your “deep and meaningful” Tibetan quotes and hustle phrases are more annoying than inspiring – especially when they’re the caption to your pouting selfie or your gym-mirror pic. And don’t post scathing quotes after a fight or break-up – it just makes you seem petty and desperate. Just don’t.

#10. Thou shalt not share anything else you wouldn’t want your gran to see.

No nudity, no swearing, no venting. Not even on Snapchat. The screenshot is no-one’s best friend and it will probably come back to bite you. Also, auto-delete your tweets to avoid being dragged for a change of opinion.

– Lifestyle Reporter

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