CAPE TOWN – On Monday, Apple South Africa announced the arrival of iOS 10 to South African shores. While the new interface is completely unrecognisable to the regular Apple users, its features promises to make us all fall in love with the new operating system. To make the deal a whole lot sweeter, the upgrade is available for download via Wi-Fi.

If you’re not sure whether your current Apple device is compatible for the upgrade, below is the list of Apple devices that are compatible for the iOS 10 upgrade:

iPhone 5
iPad 3
iPad Mini 2
iPod Touch 6th gen or higher

If your device isn’t listed, perhaps it’s a good time to upgrade your device at your nearest iStore outlet.

Once, your have completed the download, the following list is adapted from a press release released by Apple South Africa. These features are new and exclusive to iOS 10:

1. Raise and Wake: Say goodbye to sliding on your device to unlock, the lockscreen comes with a “Press Home to open” function that makes the Wake function a lot less complicated.

2. Lockscreen widgets and camera: Found the perfect photo opportunity but your device is locked? Now you can have access to your camera and other widgets by sliding the lockscreen right to have direct access to your camera and other widgets.

3. Rich Lockscreen Notifications: Another lockscreen feature where you wont have to leave the lockscreen to hacve access to your messages and read notifications.

4. Better messaging: Now you can replace words with emoji with a single tap on your device. With 72 emojis to choose from, expressing yourself has never been this easy. Invisible Ink is also available for messaging, so you can send a hidden image or picture to your contacts. To reveal it, just rub it.

Also available is the “say it load” effect which allows users to place text in a animated speech bubble and “gently” which slowly reveals text.

5. Siri is SA friendly: With our 12 official languages and more accents, Siri commands were a pain in the arse, but not any more. Now, using Siri, you can find your nearest Thai restaurant, the closest gyms in your area or where to find a mechanic through voice commands. You can use thrid pary apps like WhatsApp for voice commands and if you’d prefer typing, it will understand the entire context before guessing from the previous word/s.

6. Apple Maps made easy: Navigation has been made more user-friendly by allowing the users to zoom in. Apple have made plans for Maps to be used through third-party apps like Uber, so in future, you can book rides with Uber and never have to leave Maps.

There are plenty more features that have been updated with the new iOS upgrade, but for more information, visit Apple South Africa’s website.

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