The Rap/Rave group Known as Die Antwoord, roared the crowd with their rare but well celebrated music at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Their opening act was a random onsie rave, with the couple eventually coming in hot with their lyrics.

Ninja, the tall and always topless rapper warmed up the crowd to their music, with his lady Yolandi Visser and it was no challenge when everybody was hopping around and going ‘Banana’s’ to their latest track ‘Banana Brain’.

Die Antwoord, originally from Cape Town started their power duo back in 2008 and never turned back. They’ve starred in a movie together called ‘Chappie’ in 2015 and have an daughter,Sixteen Jones.

People don’t really know that Ninja use to be an underground rapper who was known as ‘Max Normal’, his never really lived a basic life but his always killed the rap game.

They relocated to America with their daughter and are now touring the world.

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