If you’re an LGBT member, coming out can be tough.

Coming out as gay, bisexual or transgender to the people closest to you can be difficult because of stereotypes and misconceptions.

If you’re faced with this problem, allow me to help out.

I’ve gathered a list of 10 things that helped people from the LGBT community to break the news and how to deal with the nerves that come with it.

1. Write a letter (by haleyetalley)


“When I came out to my parents I wanted to maintain control of the situation and make sure they were completely informed.

Writing is my passion and I’ve always been a better writer than speaker, so I decided to write them a letter, which ensured that I wouldn’t forget anything because I got to take my time, and I could read it over and over to make sure everything was perfect.

It was still terrifying, of course, but I was way more confident and it made me feel better to have a well-worded, detailed piece of my soul in my hand to give to them so my words wouldn’t be rushed in an emotional jumble and nothing would be lost in translation.”

2. Do something that relaxes and occupies you (by jesuismeg110)

“As I was in the beginning stages of coming out, I watched a lot of feel-good movies and baked a lot. Just find something that relaxes you but also keeps you occupied.”

3. Learn about other people’s stories. (by erin16115)

“Hearing about other people’s experiences helped. My parents are not accepting, but I came out to my coach shortly after and her support made all the difference in the world.

“You’d be surprised how many people are in a similar situation.”

4. Supergirl (by natnat1313)

“Alex and Maggie on Supergirl made me legitimately question my sexuality for the first time, and they helped me to realize it for myself.

“I always turn to them if I ever struggle with telling anyone, or if I’m just feeling alone.”

5. The Ellen Show (by charlieh4047dbdf8)

“When I came out, Ellen had just started her talk show. And she was CRUSHING IT! People on television were cheering for someone like me.

6. Dodie Clark. (by missdharmaville)

“Dodie Clark’s YouTube videos about her own identity helped me become more comfortable in mine.”

7. Save special texts. (by courtneys484c684b1)

“Due to geographic location I had to come out to one of my best friends over text. He was like, the fourth person I told. His reaction was so amazing that I screen-shotted our conversation and reread it whenever I was nervous to remind myself it was going to be OK.”

8. Keep being you. (by duhneeze)

“I was 16 in 2005 and at a local fireworks show with my first girlfriend. I had just come out a few weeks before and was nervous to be holding my girlfriend’s hand since there were so many people and we were in a mostly conservative city.

However, we held hands as we walked around despite our insecurities. A stranger approached us and said, ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing’ and walked off.

It was such a profound moment for me and since then, I have reflected on her encouraging words whenever I have any doubt. I wish I could thank her!”

9. Remember: Only the ones who matter won’t mind. (by chloenielsencgn)

“When I started coming out it really helped me to reassure myself and believe that anyone who wasn’t okay with who I was didn’t need to be a part of my life and that the people who would really end up being important for me would be happy with who I am.”

10. Give it time. (by hatesusernames)

“Honestly, just time. Time can be all you need.”

-Tyler Roodt

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