Q: I gained weight after dealing with some medical issues. I am working on losing it – maybe not always as hard as I could, but I am making slow and steady progress. How do I handle all the scrumptious holiday temptations?

Visualizing celery and carrots as hunks of chocolate is not working so far. I don’t want to miss the fun parties and socializing.

A: Celery chocolate – the nectar of the gods! Seriously, congrats on the slow and steady progress. Relax your expectations a bit for these gatherings, so you don’t end up in the “I fell off the wagon, therefore I must eat the wagon” trap. Let yourself taste everything you want, leaving some amount on your plate.

Use gum and a water bottle to keep your mouth occupied when you’ve decided you’re done. Have a physical reminder like a string around your wrist that catches your eye and nudges you toward mindfulness. Pair some of the healthier treats with some of the treaty-treats on your plate – strawberries and chocolate actually do make a match. Finally, go heavy on the people you want to spend time with, and try to lose yourself in good conversation.

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