The 27-year-old actress has admitted she thinks a woman’s “pooch” is the problem area for all women and is the one part of the body all females have to work “so hard” on to make it go away and boast a super toned torso.

Speaking about the body part to PEOPLE, the brunette beauty said: “I think the stomach region for all girls is something we all struggle with. The pooch! I think we all know what that pooch is.

“Women work so hard to make the pooch go away”, says Vanessa.

Although the former ‘High School Musical’ star – who played the lead role as Gabriella Montez in the popular Disney movie – believes women are conscious of their body, she thinks one must not be so critical of their body and in fact praise it for working to digest food and fight bacteria.

She explained: “I don’t think we give our bodies enough gratitude for simply just doing what it does, without us telling it to do it.

“Just the fact that it can digest food for you and keep food down and fight off bacteria. Realizing that has helped me love my body a little more.”

Meanwhile the ‘Sneakernight’ singer songwriter – who starred in the Broadway adaptation of the 1958 classic film ‘Gigi’ – has revealed she “stumbled” over her dresses while rehearsing for the production and struggled with the 50s-style gowns.

Speaking previously, she said: “It’s very interesting. It’s like a minefield and there’s just trains everywhere. You’re like, ‘Don’t step there! Don’t step there! Don’t step there!’

“It’s really incredible to think about the fact women used to wear these dresses every day and that’s how they lived their lives.

“I’ve definitely stumbled a few times. My feet have done me wrong many times.”

– Bang Showbiz

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