Unemployment remains a crises in South Africa as Stats SA recently revealed that the country’s unemployment rate for the second quarter is 34.4 percent. 

The coronavirus pandemic has also caused panic among jobseekers as plenty of companies have had to retrench people instead of hiring them.

With millions of people unemployed in South Africa, the crises is growing yearly.
People took to Twitter to share things that unemployed people hate hearing from those that are employed.
Twitter user @BeynonSammy had the following 5 questions you should never ask;
1. Why don’t you just start your own business?
2. You had a great job before what did you do with all of the money you earned?
3. Why don’t you upskill?
4. Are you sending your CV out?
5. Are you actively looking for a job?
And other users chipped in with their own points. 
6. Mdu Ngubane wrote, “”Take anything until you find your dream job” as if “anything” is easily available. #ThingsNotToSayTheUnemployed.”

7. Do not say people are lazy.

 8.  Do not tell people to volunteer.

9. Do not ask people why they left their previous place of employment

10. Do not tell them that you are a bread winner.
The article was first published in 2020.