CAPE TOWN – The gaming community in South Africa is a large, diverse universe. We all experience the same emotions when realising just how difficult Dark Souls can be to when Pokemon GO launched in SA and just how amazing Overwatch really is.

But no matter how the situation may be, playing online could be a harder battle to fight than battling Jinpachi Mishima as the final boss.

1. Mom calls for supper… in the middle of a battle

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To be honest, there’s no such thing of a Pause button when playing online. #ThanksMom

2. Killing our own teammate or them killing us

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It’s hard to concentrate, especially if you got caught up playing Battlefield, Call of Duty or Halo for that matter. And besides, you kinda do look like the enemy. But we the tides turn, well then, we do deserve it.

3. Pre-ordered isn’t the same as pre-downloaded

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We can only play pre-ordered games because we can’t download. Playing offline isn’t as much fun as playing online with our friends.

4. …and we do go online, there’s no one to play with online.



5. Storage issues for days

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There will come a time when we pre-download games, often in its Beta version before realising that we used up all the space and have to delete all the downloaded games. Say goodbye to all those armor and weapon upgrades.

6. We can’t host a proper online lobby

Either our connection is slow or there are too many people on our server. Whatever the problem may be, no more League of Legends.

7. LAG. LAG. LAG!!! Need we say more?!

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8. No data, no gaming

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When our parents won’t upgrade the ADSL contract and have used up all the data for the month, our lives suddenly has no meaning.

9. Yes, we are introverts



As much fun Multiplayer Mode is, most gamers prefer to shy away and play alone. Socialising isn’t our strongest point, but sometimes we’re just too embarrassed to mention that we play Minecraft.

10. …and when we do decide to go outside, reality seems quite different that we imagined it.

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