The Young Independents Team compiled a list of top tweets based on how we survive and learn from the South African experience in our 20s. The trending hashtag had our millennial team incredibly nostalgic. Tell us about the lessons you learnt in your 20s, be it sad, humorous, depressing or insightful…
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And the best tweet goes to: 
[Insert drumroll]



In response blogger TheClumsyArtichoke compiled a list on How to Adult. Well A semi – useful list based on her 20 something experience with real life and all its bullsh*t: 
1. You cannot have sushi for breakfast everyday knowing full well that your ass gon’ be broke soon. 


2. The corporate, button-up-to-chin world has no place for dreamers and romantics. Pretend you know this. Reassemble your face into something serious and imposing. Spout out your ‘isms fluently and with conviction. 

 3. Learn what dividing laundry into colours and whites mean. I now have a cupboard full of blue clothes simply because I was too darn lazy to seperate ’em. At least, I can dress up as a smurf on Halloween… 
4. Pouring milk into a bowl of cereal for dinner is not considered actual dinner. Also, serving this cuisine on a first date just looks tacky. 
5. Being on time is a real thing. 
6. If you trip. Get up. Do not sit and laugh manically on the pavement. 
7. When sipping wine, engage in discussions about tax, mortgage, kids and marriage. If you cannot engage or relate, nod politely and punctuate silences by saying ‘indeed’. 
8. Don’t be a frikkadel and enter into a relationship, if you’re not ready or prepared for one. 
9. When presenting to a large audience, remember to breathe. The breathing is an important thing. I forgot that. 
10. Some people are insecure, materialistic, and fickle. Some people are kind, loving and genuine. Learn how to deduce who cares and who doesn’t. If this process is too tiring, get a puppy.
11. Do not text whilst inebriated. you will pay for thy sins. 
12. For smokers: Don’t burn your eyebrows off with your lighter. C’mon now. Angle that thang elegantly. 
13. When people assume you’re soft spoken, be glad. The other side shalt never come out to play. Unless its time to show your fire. 

14. When people swear colorfully, do not giggle at their creativity. They will swear at you.

Then it won’t be so funny.



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