From taxes to handling money and to the interview process there are fundamental things that young people need to master before they start their first job. Whether it is a summer gig or full time employment.

Know what skills you need to develop and look for opportunities to do so.

If you are shy and introverted, you might want to find a summer job in customer service to help you become more outgoing and learn how to navigate difficult customers.


No job is a throwaway job so begin with the end in mind.

Going for an interview? Dress for success. Have a firm handshake and make eye contact. It may not be necessary to wear a power suit if you are looking to work in a restaurant.

Clean up or make your social media presence private. Employers are looking for responsible workers and will likely thumb through your Facebook page.

Be upfront about anything that might conflict with your job. Be flexible but not afraid to tell the prospective employer there may be certain times or days you could not work.


Know that taxes will be taken out of your wages. Seek advice regarding taxes as much as possible as they are an important part of life.

Show up to work early. Just being on time is not good enough. You need time to come in and get settled.

Take responsibility for your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and quickly move on.

If you can’t make it to work, make sure somebody in charge knows.