It’s the Love month and finally, the official love day (Valentine’s Day) is just a night way but people are busy sharing reasons why they cheat, how ironic?

What happened to Cupido, love letters, and posts of pre-Valentines Day gifts? Well, we don’t know either, all we see trending on twitter as one of the top hashtags is 100 reasons why people cheat.

So, if your bae has recently cheated on you and you don’t know why. Do continue reading this, it might help you make sense your cheating partner. In fact, tweeps might be helping a lot of broken hearts for their interesting reasons for having affairs.

There are just so many we can’t keep up from being broke to being greedy, sexual dissatisfaction and cultural behavioral issues. Tweeps dished everything out on their timelines.

Here is what they said:

Whether you agreed to it or not. There are still those who believe in happily ever after and these people don’t believe in reasons to cheat in fact they are quick to rubbish any reasons to justify cheating.

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