Fifteen of the most innovative and dynamic businesses in South Africa have been shortlisted to contend for First National Bank’s annual business innovation accolades later this month, the bank said on Wednesday.

FNB Business, in association with Endeavor South Africa, 10XE and Township Entrepreneurs Alliance, has shortlisted five enterprises across each of three categories; namely those with a turnover of less than R5 million, those with turnover above that, and those with a turnover of R10 million and more.

The judges have received record-breaking entries from highly innovative and talented entrepreneurs across various sectors of the economy, FNB Business chief executive officer Michael Vacy-Lyle said.

FNB Business CEO Michael Vacy-Lyle. PHOTO: Supplied by FNB

“Encouraging innovation across a ll levels of business can help South Africa to be more competitive and address its long-term development goals,” he said.

“The businesses identified have a lot of scope to grow and innovate in response to slowing growth and tough local business conditions in the country.”

He said the introduction of additional categories to accommodate the entire business landscape would bring the bank much closer to working with small and medium enterprises across different paths in South Africa, resulting in them creating much-needed employment.


The 15 finalists run businesses in adventure activities, education, organic farming, 3D printing, waste management, distribution to informal shops, Internet of Things technology, marketing, inventory scanning, online recruitment, online delivery, ride-hailing, early pest and disease detection and security.

– ANA, editing by Stella Mapenzauswa