A data company has revealed that less is more when it comes to your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

It has been previously assumed that the more you put on your CV the better, but according to an analysis by data company Pay Scale, some skills can do you a disservice.

They found the 25 skills that led to the biggest pay hits, with the worst leading to a 15.4 percent negative pay gap.


If you have any of these on your CV still, it might be time to drop them:


2. Property management

3. Data entry

4. Bookkeeping

5. AS/400

6. Call centre

7. Help desk/help support

8. Collections

9. Intuit QuickBooks

10. Delphi

11. Packaging

12. Computer hardware technician

13. Plumbing

14. Administration

15. Pricing

16. System repair

17. Shipping

18. Document preparation

19. Customer service

20. Dreamweaver

21. Online research

22. Paying invoices

23. Phone support

24. WordPress

25. Typing


*Adapted from Independent