While on lockdown it has become easy for people to go online and shop more in an effort to not run low on personal supplies or just merely shopping online as a pastime. 

How you use your credit is very important as it affects your credit score. According to ClearScore one of the leading FinTech businesses in the UK, the average credit score or the South African ClearScore users is 547.

ClearScore shows you your Experian credit score, which is based on the information in your credit report. There is no ‘magic’ score that will guarantee you get credit because different lenders look for different things (such as your income and existing debt) when deciding whether to lend to you or not.


If your credit score is below average, do not panic because there are things you can do to improve it.

ClearScore provides the following steps to help you improve your credit score.

Keep your credit use low

Preferably under 50% of your total available credit. You can check how much credit you have available by logging into your ClearScore Account.

Get organised

Set up direct debits to pay your utility bills and credit card payments, so that you can put your feet up and relax. Forgetting to pay these can damage your credit rating.

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Fix any mistakes

Did you know that mistakes on your report like a typo in your name or the wrong address could negatively affect your credit score? Check your credit report to spot any mistakes and tell Experian what needs to change by raising a dispute.