Many people across the world will use Sunday as an opportunity to pay homage to their fathers and celebrate them with kind words, gifts, meals and their time and effort.

Among them is Miss SA 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, who will also use the opportunity to laud her dad.

Below, she chats about her plans for the day.

What will you be doing on Father’s Day?

Both my dad Bennie Peters and stepdad Johan Steenkamp love the simple things in life. I will spoil my father with his favourite food, which is a good cut of rump on the braai, pap and sous, potato salad and tiramisu.

What is the most important thing your fathers have taught you?

Both my dad and my stepfather are extremely hard working. The one thing I learnt from them is that you will get nothing by sitting back and waiting for a miracle.

What is the fondest memory of your father when you were growing up?

My dad has daughters only, so he has no one to talk rugby with. I remember before hockey trials in primary school my dad taught me all his high school rugby tricks and skills in the hope that it would help me in my hockey trials. It must have worked because I made the first team.

Did your fathers ever embarrass you and how?

Without a doubt. One New Year’s Eve my stepdad and I were lighting star lights on the beach. Johan accidentally put the star light in his jacket pocket and threw the lighter away. It didn’t end well.

Your message to the fathers of South Africa?

My wish is for all the dads out there to raise their daughters to be the best version of themselves.

What will you be buying for your father this year?

I am planning to get my dad tickets for a classical music concert that I know he would love to go and see.

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