In case you missed the news, gospel singer Lundi Tyamara died in the early hours of Friday, the 26th of February, after a long struggle with stomach TB and liver complications.

Heartfelt messages of condolences have been pouring in from fans and celebrities on social media.

Family spokesperson Anele Hlazo said in a statement “Lundi put up a gallant fight against his illness, but God’s will prevailed. We ask that his fans, supporters and followers join us in celebrating his life.”

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In celebration of Lundi’s extraordinary journey, TYI presents a compilation of interesting facts about Lundi:

1. Lundi’s musical journey began as a backing singer for the great Rebecca Malope and he was dubbed as the prince of gospel after releasing his platinum-selling album “Mphefumulo Wami” in 1998.

2. To date, Lundi released 14 albums, which includes a Live DVD and two compilation albums.

3. The singer’s birthday was on Reconciliation day, the 16th of December.

4. The star died when he was 38 years old.

5. He released a new sound with the Jaziel brothers

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