Johannesburg – On Thursday, seven licensing centre officials face fraud and corruption charges.

Four of the suspects are from the Martindale Bulk Licensing Department, while the remaining three are from the Langlaagte licensing department.

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“We have also acted swiftly in ensuring that 72 of the allegedly corrupt licensing centre officials are suspended from their jobs. All were given an opportunity to provide reasons as to why they should not be suspended, however their reasons were found to be unsatisfactory. We hope to conduct the disciplinary hearings as soon as possible. Due legal process will be followed at all times,” said Johannesburg’s city mayor, Herman Mashaba.

After the incident, an additional 40 new staff members have been hired and staff members from other sections within the licensing department will be deployed to vacant positions so as to minimise the effect on operations at the centres.

Apply for a driving license lawfully and without fear of having to bribe an official.

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Drive legally on South African roads oh budding driver.

NOTE: Before applying for a driving license, you must have a learners license!

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According to the South African National Road Traffic Act you are not permitted to make use of driving instruction services from anyone who is not legally registered with the Government Authorities as a Driving Instructor.

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This means that when you intend on booking your driving lessons, it is your responsibility to ensure that your driving instructor is authorised by the K53 law of South Africa.

Why you should apply for a learners license?

If you hold a learner’s licence you are lawfully allowed to drive (on condition that you are supervised by a licenced driver).

What is a learners license?

A learner’s licence is a 24 months permit that cannot be extended, proving that you have basic knowledge of a motor vehicle and the rules of the road.

What are the different learner’s licenses that are issued?

a) Code 1: This is for a motor cycle with or without a sidecar.The age restriction is that you must be 16 years or older to apply.

b) Code 2: This is for a motor vehicle, including a minibus, bus or goods vehicle. Applicants must be 17 years or older to apply.

c) Code 3: This is for a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3 500kg. Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply.

Watch: Step 1- Take the theory test, pay the fees and get your learner’s permit

How to you apply:

1. Items to remember to take with:

* Identity document (ID)

* Confirm with (DLTC) driving licensing testing centre how many photographs do they need, once you have confirmed the number prepare your headshots photographs and take them with on the day of application.

* Booking fee

* Proof of residential address

* Complete the (LL1) Application for learner’s licence form which you can collect from your nearest DLTC.

* Book for an eye test at your nearest DLTC or preffered optometrist and submit the results attached with your learners license application.

2. Visit your nearest driving licensing testing centre (DLTC) to book a test date and confirm the booking.

3. Get ready for your leaners license test by studying road signs, motor vehicle controls and road rules to have a basic knowledge of a motor vehicle and road signs.

Click for practice paper

4. Exam day

On the confirmed day of the test you must bring the following:

ID and booking receipt

Did you know?

Once you pass your learners license test and have paid the relevant fees, the leaners license is issued on the same day.

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