Sleep, as important as it is, is sometimes really hard to perfect. We all know that one person that is always having trouble sleeping, (sometimes that person is us).

Even if we drift off, we wake in the middle of the night, our minds whirring, unable to get back to our slumber. 

If you can relate then read on because Daily Mail has compiled a list of ways to make sleep a sure thing.


From the right atmosphere to a peaceful bedtime routine, there are plenty of things we can do to help us get our eight hours. And none of them include counting sheep.

1. Create a sleep sanctuary 

The place we sleep should be a haven, not a horror.

If your bedroom is a mess of laundry, toys, clothes and work-related paraphernalia then it will never be the sanctuary you need it to be. In fact, just thinking about that is making us stressed.

So clear out all the stuff that doesn’t belong there and maybe even take the opportunity to recycle or throw away any belongings you no longer use or love. That act alone will free up metaphorical space as well as actual space.

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Next, set some boundaries. Don’t let your bedroom become a playroom or a workspace. It is for relaxation and sleeping only.

And once you’ve created a room that’s free of excess ‘stuff’, add in some inviting soft furnishings and some fragrances which will instill a sense of calm and tranquility.

This scented candle by This Works is infused with relaxing lavender and camomile essential oils to help you unwind, while this diffuser set by The Aromatherapy Co. will bring a sense of serenity. 

2. Make your bed

We’re sorry to sound like your parents, but seriously people, make your bed.

Firstly it’s been suggested that those who make their beds in the morning go on to have more productive days. Secondly it means that when you come to bed at the end of a long day you find a neat and tidy spot you actually want to get into, rather than a mess you need to sort out first.

And thirdly, making your bed in linen you love will also have a soothing effect on your psyche. So whenever possible have matching duvet covers and pillowcases and layer on a throw, blanket and cushions to make it even more inviting.

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Use linen that will keep you cool and make sure you have the right tog duvet for the time of year. Being too hot or too cold are classic reasons we wake up when we should be snoozing. 

3. Set a bedtime

We know… You left bedtimes behind many years ago. 

But the reality is that having a regular bedtime and regular wake up time could actually help you get into a solid sleep pattern. 

So aim to be in bed with the lights off at the same time every night. And set an alarm for the same time every morning, even on weekends if possible.  

Your body clock will start to take over and you should find that you spring out of bed instead of needing to be dragged from it.

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4. Get into a nighttime routine

Much like establishing a bedtime, having a routine before bed can be really beneficial when we’re hoping to sleep through until morning.

As we separate off from the business of our day, we can relax the mind and body before getting into bed. 

This may mean different things for different people, but everyone should put down any screens an hour before trying to get to sleep.

Then try calming activities like soaking in a warm bath with scented bath crystals or bubbles to help get you feeling a little sleepy.

Photo by Matej Novosad from Pexels

5. The sounds of sleep 

For some people certain sounds can help them drop off.

But if you’re not a fan of whale noises then why not try a meditation app or calming bedtime podcast?

With any luck you’ll have fallen asleep before it even ends. 

Picture: Pexels

*Independently tested on 200 participants with sleep problems aged 18+ over a 14 day period compared to a placebo.