The past week has been a roller-coaster ride for many matriculants, with the release of their results. 

For them, life has just begun and the future is beckoning. Many, including their parents and guardians, are anxious about tomorrow – their careers and their lives.

Matriculants nee to realize that there are many options available for them to consider based on their unique circumstances. The most important principle, according to JA South Africa, is to “find something that you really enjoy doing and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!”

Nelly Mofokeng, managing director at JA South Africa says studying further does not always mean going to university. An option is to go into a trade and take a course at a technical institution like a TVET college. 


According to Bizcommunity in the public education space, you can study at a university, a university of technology, or a TVET college. Universities generally focus on academic research, degrees and post-graduate qualifications, while universities of technology focus on higher certificates, diplomas and, to an extent, degrees.

Following are some tips for young people:

  • Find inspiration and role models from family and notice that the most fulfilled are the ones who love what they do. Choosing a field of study that you feel passionate about is the first step in the process. Passion fuels purpose but, more importantly, purpose fuels life.
  • Take into account the public standing, facilities, safety and security, and what industry leaders are looking for in human resource. 
  • Remember that if other options prove uphill or circumstances dictate you could consider distance education. After all, nearly half of all higher education students study through distance learning. The cherry on top is that you could learn while you earn. 

  • If you’re considering a private institution, choose a registered one; choose an accredited programme; choose a well-respected institution; and choose a specialist.
  • Start your own business. This requires that you have an idea, a strong determination to learn and copious amounts of hard work.
  • Reaching the end of your final year of high school can be scary, but it’s important to remember that there’s more than one option available to you, provided you put in the time, effort and a little bit of creativity to make it work.
  • Keep an open mind on everything, do your research and sharpen your networking skills.