Performed in studios heated to 40C, it is the trendy yoga designed to open your pores – and your purse.

But a study has found that hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, is no better for you than doing it at room temperature.

7 things you need to know about Hot/Bikram Yoga:

1. The practice, which was developed in the 1960s, is popular with sports stars David Beckham and Andy Murray, as well as actresses Demi Moore and Anne Hathaway.

2. Yoga practitioners claim the heat causes blood vessels to dilate, lowering blood pressure, which could protect against heart attacks and strokes.

3. This may also delay hardening of the arteries, which leads to heart attack or stroke. Some also claim that the heat can help to burn calories faster.

4. However, an experiment by Texas State University examining the blood vessels of those doing hot yoga and normal yoga found no difference in function.

5. Instead, it is the yoga postures which are responsible for better health and not the temperature.

6. The study, published in the journal Experimental Physiology, found that it is the exercise forces the lining of blood vessels to dilate, and so and so the benefits are the same with traditional yoga.

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7. Hot yoga was also found to slightly reduce people’s cholesterol and body fat percentage – however, the change was deemed statistically insignificant.

– Daily Mail