JOHANNESBURG– An ANC councillor died on Monday during the sitting to elect the new executive mayor of Johannesburg, the spokesman for the City of Johannesburg said.

The ANC caucus had asked for an adjournment earlier to allow the woman to recover after she became unwell. But she died minutes after the caucus left the venue. The Economic Freedom Fighters had objected to the break, and suggested that the woman be allowed to vote first.

The city’s spokesman said the woman died after collapsing. This was also confirmed by ANC councillor Geoff Makhubu, the MMC for finance, but there were still some conflicting reports claiming that the woman was being resuscitated.

The ANC caucus asked that the mayor and whip of the council be elected in the same vote and that the council meeting then be adjourned out of respect for the deceased.

– African News Agency 

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