Anyone that has ever worked in retail will tell you just how difficult some customers can be.

Comedian and writer Scott Seiss (also know as the angry IKEA guy) seems to understand this fully judging from his comedic videos that have gone viral on social media.

In the videos, the Baltimore based comedian pretends to be an IKEA employee responding to questions and comments that customers frequently make when shopping.


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The only difference is that he responds to the customers in a way that most retail employees couldn’t without getting into some kind of trouble.

In one of the hilarious clips a ’customer’ says, “You just lost yourself a customer,” to which the ’employee’ responds, “You think I own this business? You think I own IKEA? I’m a part-time employee halfway through a two week notice, I don’t give a…”

In another one the customer says, “Every time I come here my order gets messed up.” The sharp tongued employee then responds saying, “Then stop coming. Make my day…” What makes these video even more hilarious is the dramatic music that plays in the background.

Since they went viral on both TikTok and Twitter, Seiss has gained more followers with his TikTok gaining over 200,000 followers and getting over 5 million likes.

Even the basketball player LeBron James enjoyed a good laugh after watching the videos.

Now dubbed the ’Angry IKEA guy’ Seiss has helped people share their stories from working in retail.

For more laughs you can check out Seiss’ TikTok account as he posts funny videos regularly.