Ahead of the canonization of Mother Teresa just two decades after her death, people touched by her life in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, where she lived and worked for close to 50 years, were filled with pride. Mother Teresa was traveling from the city, then called Calcutta, to Darjeeling in 1946 when she decided to start the Missionaries of Charity order. Since its establishment in 1950, the order has set up hundreds of shelters that care for some of the world’s neediest.

In other images from the Asia-Pacific region last week, President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered documents to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon formally entering their countries into the Paris climate agreement. The document certifies that the countries have taken all necessary domestic steps needed to join the agreement.

Scientists trying to predict the future path of the Zika virus say that 2.6 billion people living in parts of Asia and Africa could be at risk of infection, based on a new analysis of travel, climate and mosquito patterns in those regions. Some of the most vulnerable countries include India, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh, according to the research.

Malaysia marked 59 years since its independence from Britain with a grand parade in Kuala Lumpur. Police said they foiled possible attacks on the eve of Independence Day with the detention of three suspected Islamic State group members.


This gallery was curated by Associated Press photo editor Hiroshi Otabe in Tokyo.

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