SYDNEY — An Australian auction to sell off a massive iconic Coca-Cola signage in Sydney has come to an end with more than AU$100 000 (around R1 079 919) received from local and overseas bidders, local media reported today.

The Coca-Cola signage which has been a part of the Kings Cross skyline for more than 40 years was auctioned letter by letter on eBay last night with the proceeds expected to be given to the homeless in Sydney.

The two largest letters, the “Cs”, were more than 5.4 meters tall, up to 6.6 meters wide, 29 cm deep and 65 kg in weight each while the smaller letters were around 2.8 meters tall, between 1.2 meters and 2.6 meters wide, 29 cm deep and between 25 kg and 40 kg in weight.

Organizers said that the most popular letter from the signage was the little ‘C’, which went for AU$18,700 (just over R200 000).

The other two ‘C’ signs were tied for the title of the cheapest letter, selling for AU$10 300 (over R110 000) each.

The letters were put up for sale at the end of August.

– Xinhua

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