There’s no doubt that papa Penny Penny not “Pinny Pinny” as he would always introduce himself as the king of Shangaan (Tsonga) disco.

Papa Penny’s reality show “Papa Penny Ahee” made it’s first grand entrance on our Mzansi Magic t.v screens last night at 20:00.

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Papa Penny is unapologetic about who he is and what he stands for, he proudly expressed himself mixing both Shangaan and English last night on his reality show.

However Tweeps have different views about it, others saw it as Papa Penny proudly being an African man while others thought that he has broken English.

Karabo Mokgoko on Twitter jokingly quoted Penny’s comment, ” ‘Cold drink’ is R200+ rands for us South Africans ? #PapaPennyAhee” in defence of the negative comments that were splashing on Twitter @Mafiri_fire said that, “You are stuck at a 9-5 Job with your good English, but you are judging a man with broken English who is living his dream. #PapaPennyAhee?”

Twitter reacts to #PapaPennyAhee:

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