The internet offers numerous beauty tips and tricks, its a mission to find one that works for you with such a variety of options available. 

Take the idea that you should always smile as you apply blusher for example or the commonly-held belief that you shouldn’t wear highlighter if you’re over the age of 40.

Celebrity makeup artist Amanda Ramsay revealed to the Daily Mail the beauty myths we all need to stop believing ASAP.

As an award-winning industry pro, Amanda has worked with all sorts of women, young and old, and has 15 years of experience in the industry.

Myth one: You need a primer

Sellers at beauty counters will often say you need a primer in order to keep your makeup from sliding down your face at 3pm.

But Amanda said this idea that you absolutely need a primer in your makeup arsenal is something entirely created by the beauty industry.

‘Primers help to “cheat” good skin. Silicon-based primers can behave like glad wrap, stopping your skin from breathing,’ she said.

‘Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs to breathe and expel toxins. If you’re glad wrapping your skin those toxins are re-absorbed into your body.

‘It’s not a healthy practice every day.’

Instead, she recommends you either ditch the primer, or use a 100 percent natural version on a special occasion.

Monochrome Photo of Cosmetics

Picture by: Suzy Hazelwood for Pexels 

Myth two: Smile when you put your blusher on

You might have heard from your grandmother that you should always smile when you apply your blusher in order to find the apples of your cheeks.

But Amanda said this, in fact, leads to low-sitting blusher, which will ‘visibly drag your face down’.

‘For a more lifted look, place the blusher higher on your cheekbones and blend out towards your hairline,’ the celebrity makeup artist said.

Myth three: Foundation is ‘cover-up’

Many people think that foundation exists to ‘cover up your imperfections and cheat great skin’.

But Amanda said ‘no amount of foundation can truly cover lumpy, bumpy, uneven, textured skin’.

‘In fact, it serves to make you look worse,’ she said.

Instead, Amanda said you should reach for the foundation bottle ‘once your skin is really well hydrated and exfoliate regularly’.

Choose a lightweight fluid that allows your skin to look like skin, then build up coverage only when you need it. Spot cover blemishes.’

Amanda said you should focus on skincare first and foremost, and then even out the tone of your skin with foundation.

Myth five: Bright lipstick isn’t for everyone

Don’t assume that just because you’ve got a bit older, that you can no longer wear bright lipstick. Similarly, it’s been said darker women should not wear red lipstick which is incorrect.

‘Bright lipstick works wonders to perk a girl up,’ Amanda said.

She recommends clear orange-y red, fuschia, watermelon, apricot and peach as the best colours for women over 40.

For darker women, I would suggest any shade of red that you are happy with, YOLO.

Try them and enjoy a lift on your whole look.

-Daily Mail with additional reporting from the TYI team