Most of the time, we go about our merry way, indulging in our comfy lifestyles, kick off our shoes, let the dishes pile up.

The reasons include: You’re tired and you’re sure the domestic worker will make sense of the mess when she arrives.

You pay after all, right?

Most of the time, domestic workers get treated awfully and they keep your secrets under wraps in fear that they may jeopardise their jobs.

The fear is real because about 60 million of domestic workers globally have no social protection or benefits.

No matter who you are, or what status you have, treat your fellow brother/ sister with kindness, empathy and respect. No one deserves to be treated like any less of a human being.

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Did you know?

There are about 67 million domestic workers throughout the world‚ and about 5.2 million in Africa.

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Did you know?

In SA‚ domestic workers can join the SA Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union to represent them.

*No names have been published as our sources prefer to remain anonymous.

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