Just like the Casper Nyovest challenge, Mannequin challenge and other online challenges which went viral, we have a new one called the dead pose challenge.

This one has been trending for all the wrong reasons as some South Africans refuse to embrace or participate in it.

This challenge has been trending on Twiter since the weekend and since migrated to Facebook and Instagram. To participate in the challenge, participants have to be snapped while pretending to be dead.

While some think that it’s funny and gladly participated in it, quite a number of South Africans have frowned upon it and claimed that ‘Black Twitter’ have taken it too far and the internet should be taken from them.

Even a Facebook page has been created for the challenge and by Tuesday morning the page had over 2,015 likes.The page is solely dedicated to posting favourites photos of the challenges.

Too extreme, maybe?

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The origins of this shocking trend are not quite clear at the moment. It has also be rumoured and reported that there is a 19-year-old who died while participating in the challenge, friends thought she was still participating in the challenge.

Here are some of the social media reactions around the challenge:

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