Scientists have discovered there could be another surprising reason why so many struggle to perform – their blood type. Yes, you read correctly your blood type.

Until now, many medical experts thought lifestyle-related factors such as illness, smoking, being overweight and having high blood pressure were the key triggers to low bed performance.

But the latest study, by a team at Ordu University in Turkey, suggests many may be at risk of erection problems simply because of the blood type they were born with.

Men with blood types A, B or AB are up to four times more likely to suffer impotence – or erectile dysfunctionthan than men who have blood type O. The findings are significant as more than half of all men may carry A, B or AB blood – while 44 per cent have type O.

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Researchers took blood samples from 350 men in their sixties and split them into two groups according to whether they had erectile problems.

Just 16 percent with O blood types had problems, compared to 42 percent of those with A blood types. One theory is people with type O have a lower genetic risk of some illnesses like heart problems.

Research suggests that they are less likely to have dangerously high cholesterol levels that harm blood flow to both the genitals and the heart.

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