AN EFF leader embroiled in an alleged jolling scandal has spoken out.

Faranaaz Gaffoor Simons, PR Councillor for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Cape Metro, has been accused by her husband, Shafiek Simons, of having an affair with the party’s provincial chairperson, Bernard Joseph.

DENIED CLAIMS: Bernard Joseph, EFF Western Cape Chairperson insists he did not have affair with colleague Faranaaz

But, she says, the accusations are all lies.

“The allegations of an extra-marital affair involving the EFF Western Cape Chairperson Bernard Joseph is coming from someone with a twisted mind,” she says.


Last week, Shafiek told Daily Voice that he laid a formal complaint against his wife and Joseph for bringing the EFF into disrepute over their alleged affair, and wanted both suspended.

This after he claims he found a used condom and strange men’s underwear in his bedroom.

Yesterday, Faranaaz said she was in shock because she “couldn’t comprehend her husband’s cowardice”.

The Rylands mom claims her 13-year marriage to Shafiek is on the rocks due to the “emotional, physical, psychological and financial abuse” he has inflicted on her and her kids.

“The only reason I stayed with my estranged husband is because of my three children. The abuse started early in our marriage and reached boiling point in December 2016 at an official Council function which resulted in a public humiliation,” claims Faranaaz.

That was when Shafiek found out about the “affair” and confronted his wife in front of colleagues.

Faranaaz adds: “The Muslim Judicial Council was involved in mediation processes, but all in vain.”

Her uncle, Abdurahman Khan, says Shafiek has served his wife with three talaqs (Muslim divorce) on two occasions.

“He has accused her of having affairs with colleagues, religious leaders and EFF members,” says Khan.

Shafiek yesterday denied his wife’s claims, and said she must “come clean”.

“It’s lies. I am labelled as a wife and child abuser, while she does what she wants with me,” he said.

Joseph also denied Shafiek’s claims, while the EFF said the matter was private.

Meanwhile, an interim protection order has been granted against Shafiek which will be argued in court to become final on February 8.

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