Is began as a joke, but has now transformed into a full-blown beauty trend.

Instagrammer and makeup artist decided to insert a bit of humour into her account, at the expense of her 49K followers, using a glue stick to make her eyebrows resemble the “quill and barbs of a feather,” and calling it the “new brow trend.”

She didn’t think that #featherbrows would actually take off, but it generated over 45,000 likes and over 2,000 comments and is “tearing beauty lovers apart and sorting them into two categories: Hell Yes and Hell No.”

Make up artists are now creating their own browtastic pieces using colours and glitter, and posting the results onto social media.

For the tutorial:

Feathered eyebrows trend! Do you love it or hate it? Art is art doesn’t matter how it look, express yourself!. Here is a trick how to make them with eyebrow wax from @gerardcosmetics #gerardcosmetics and @realtechniques brush for grooming eyebrows. #realtechniques you and @leevittu for being such and inspiration : : : Cejas de pluma! Han visto algunas fotos por ahí de este tipo de ceja? Pues aquí les dejo el truco de cómo hacerlas. Sencillamente con cera para cejas o pueden usar gel de cabello. Amenlas, odienlas pero arte es arte. Nunca entenderé la moda pero siempre la amare hehehe! Esta nueva moda empezó como una broma y se ha convertido en algo viral. Les dejo de donde lo saque y es y @leevittu #featheredbrows #allure #featherbrows #featheredbrow #abhbrows

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Here are a few variations:

New beauty trend, #FeatherBrows Are you in or out? #IAmOut #NotAFan

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Feather brows are the new trend!?What do you guys think? #featherbrows #trending #brows #fun

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