People have been going mad. We mean BESERK. You would too.

FlySafair has been selling tickets that are cheaper than a loaf of bread!

Twitter has been blowing up as lucky winners claimed their R3 tickets.

Obviously people were waiting and are super desperate for these ridiculously cheap tickets.

The waiting was the ultimate torture. For some it was impossible and they vented online all the way.

Why would anyone put themselves through this amount of stress?

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Can you see why people have been going crazy? Of course most of us would be a bit suspicious.

I mean who wouldn’t be?

R 3,00 tickets…really?

But seems like the cautious were the ones who lost out.

Looks like the faithful got what they asked for:

Lucky bastards! But kudos to them for having the patience and trust that shows us waiting actually pays off.


– Richelle Neethling

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