It’s been a really bumpy ride into 2017 for Ford Kuga owners.

With almost 50 owners, reporting that their Ford Kuga SUVs have burst into flames due to engine overheating.

A lot of motorists have lost interest in purchasing any Ford product.

The issue amassed attention via social media posts created by the victims. The reports about the SUV went viral and have now led to dozens of South Africans calling on Ford SA to retract the Ford Kuga, some posting stories about how their cars suddenly caught fire.

According to IOL motoring, Ford SA CEO Jeff Nemeth said that while it would continue to investigate the issue, its research so far points to insufficient coolant circulation leading to a crack in the cylinder head, thus causing oil to leak onto hot engine components.

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Ford has also encouraged 4,500 Kuga SUVs owners to take their cars to a dealership urgently, saying certain components need to be replaced.

But that did not make any difference, as Ford customers continue with fuming social media posts, which reflect their frustration and anger over their faulty Ford SUV’s.

Here’s what the social media space had to say about the burning Ford Kuga:

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