Victoria Milan is a dating site which connects married adults, and accommodates discrete extramarital affairs.

The site has conducted research based on the average length of time between a woman getting married and her eventual transition into having an affair.


Average Age of Women Cheating Around the World

In the United Kingdom, the majority of women (30%) cheating on their partners were between 25 to 29 years of age, while in Finland just 15% of women cheating fell into the same age range.

In Spain, the most common age for women having affairs are between 40 and 44 years of age, while in Hungary the most common age group for women cheating on their partners was 45 to 49.

Average Time between Marriage and Affairs

At a global level, the average age of women having affairs is 36.6, while the average age of marriage is 29.

This makes the length of time between marriage and cheating 7.6 years. Meanwhile South Africa’s women leave 6.8 years between marriage and their affairs (cheating at 35.8).

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