Game Of Thrones is dropping its seventh season in less than a week, and the hype has never been so real.

The series based on the series of books written by the most heartless human being in history (yes, George, I’m talking to you) has had hearts all over the world captured, broken, warmed, and broken again, and again…

Nice try, George.

Since I myself love the series, I’ve decided to make some predictions for what might be going down in this next season, accompanied by some good memes.

So, grab your Valyrian steel swords, your Dragonglass daggers, and (even more awesome) your flaming longswords, and bring on the ice zombie apocalypse.

Look into my crystal ball…

This one is more of a theory than a prediction, and one I really hope will come true.

Remember Syrio Forel? The Braavosi “water dancer” who taught Arya Stark how to murder people? I liked him.

Now think of someone else: no one. But because a man must have a name, a man is known as Jaqen H’Ghar; the unnecessarily badass shapeshifting worshipper of the Many-Faced God.

What do these two have in common? According to me, they’re the same person.

Before you start yelling “What the hell? How can they be the same guy? Blah blah…”

Bear with me for a few seconds, and I shall elaborate.

Syrio Forel is the author of one of my favourite quotes from the series: “What do we say to the god of death? Not today.” That was in season 1.


Fast forward a bit to season 5. Jaqen, while attempting to teach Arya how to be all faceless and stuff, tells her: “There is only one god. A girl knows his name, and all men know his gift.”

See where I’m heading here? Syrio is from Braavos, he was never actually shown dead or dying on screen, and we know that good old no one can switch faces at will…

Has your mind exploded yet?!

I’m also getting the distinct feeling he’s going to be making a comeback in this next season, to reclaim the life he saved; that of Arya Stark.


… now look deeper.

My second prediction: Cersei being on the Iron Throne might cause some issues in King’s Landing.

I actually laughed out loud at this.

Anyway, everyone’s least favourite queen regent is now the queen proper. The one bad thing that happened among the ocean of awesome moments that season 6 ended with.

Cersei is a Lannister, which means she already has a fair amount of power in the realm. Her being queen is bad for pretty much everyone. I mean, she blew up an entire building with wildfire, killing hundreds of people, just so she wouldn’t have to stand trial.

She is obsessed with power, now she has a near-unlimited amount of it, and with all her little ones dead – one of which I was actually bummed about – she has nothing left to live for.

Just think about how many poor people she will kill because they drew breath in her presence, and we all know what monarchs abusing their power leads to… War.

Enter my second favourite Lannister, Jaime. He happens to notice his sister/lover going nuts, and need to take action. He’ll be forced to start a rebellion among the commoners, and (I really hope) the Kingslayer will have to live up to his name.

This is one problem you can’t solve with alcohol, Your Grace. That witch warned you there would be another queen.

Now, everyone’s talking about how Jon’s gonna be cutting through white walkers like butter, using that amazingly sexy sword of his, but I know who’s gonna be the real hero.

No, not Daenerys, not Bran either. Someone far more dangerous…

The undead better watch their backs…


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– Tyler Roodt

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