The legendary jazz and world-renowned musical icon Hugh Masekela, doesn’t take photographs with you if you have artificial hair.

Bra Hugh, as many call him was once asked by a young lady to take a photo with him but he rejected the lady’s request because she had artificial hair.

Many people were against that and attacked his mindset about ladies and their choice of hairstyles but that didn’t shake him a bit.

The Ranaka’s star, Dineo Ranaka ran into Bra Hugh and because she knows that he doesn’t take photos with ladies that have artificial hair (lucky her), she used a blanket in a creative way.

She used it to cover her hair with a caption that read as:

|So all I had in my possession was a blankie and I was very happy to wrap my hair in it for a photograph with him! It’s a true story ladies – Bra Hugh (I prefer to call him Ntate Hugh but he insists on Bra Hugh) will not be photographed with any artificial or straightened hair!! Lol! Most are offended by this, however I’ve learnt to not let the opinions or preferences of others kill my joy. Respecting each other’s differences and being open to meet one another half way makes life and it’s precious moments all the more pleasurable – I refuse to let ego rob me of a moment to smile and be merry! We laughed a lot in this moment – he’s a lovely man! 👳🏽‍♀️💛|

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