“Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks” – Beyonce 
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P.s. If you answer Yes to over 4 of these signs you’re definitely his side chick:
1. He buys you a lot of stuff after sexy time, to overcompensate for never being around when you truly need him 

 2. He has a separate phone just to answer your calls. Or he expects you to text in code. 




3. He has a family
4. He has a shower after sex, scrubs himself off and walks off without a hug, or a sweet kiss 
 5. He doesn’t care about your opinion or about how you feel at the moment. Medical aid for who? 
 6. He’s never around if you don’t offer sex 


 7. You aren’t allowed to disturb his quality time with his wife and kids 
 8. If you dare nag or complain, he looks at you as though he sucked on a lemon 
 9. If you fall pregnant, he asks “When’s the abortion?” 
10. Poetry and romantic gestures he cannot comprehend or reciprocate because he doesn’t love you 
 Finally, If he tells you you’re a side chick, he sure as hell means you’re a side chick 
 Baby girl, if it hurts, dump his sorry ass and get a real man who truly deserves you!


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