It has been confirmed.

A fight for the ages as two of combat sports greats, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will lock horns in Las Vegas on the 26th of August.
It has been coming on for some time and after their social media exchanges with each other in which the Irishman McGregor and Mayweather mooted the idea of fight between the two.

The fight was approved by the Nevada boxing officials and both men took to social media to confirm the early awaited showdown.

Mcgregor however, signed his side of the deal weeks prior to the official announcement and Mayweather said, “it’s official” via Instagram thus removing any doubt about the fight not happening.

The fight will be contested under normal boxing rules, making Mayweather the clear favourite as McGregor has no experience fighting in a boxing ring.

Mayweather, according to Sky Sports will reportedly be paid over 100 million US dollars for the fight.

Mayweather is a retired professional boxer, a former multi-division world champion, and has been hailed as one of the all time greats. He has the imperious record of being undefeated in 49 professional fights to back that up.

McGregor signed to UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champions) in 2013, in 2015 at UFC 194 he claimed the UFC featherweight title by knocking out then champ Jose Aldo 13 seconds into first round.

This was the the fastest victory in history of UFC title fights. In 2016 at UFC 205  the young Irishman made history when he defeated Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight champion to become the first person in the history of UFC to hold two championship simultaneously in different weight classes.

The only similarities between the two fighters are that they both know what winning is all about, they are pay-per-view fighters and both know how to sell-out Las Vegas.

The hype surrounding the fight has been extremely high, this what Sky Sports’ boxing producer Jon Beloff said, “The level of interest in this fight really has been phenomenal”.

Conventional wisdom says that Mayweather, who is probably the finest pure boxer of his generation and maybe one of the best of all-time, has a massive advantage going into this fight.

Conor McGregor is a massive star in MMA and UFC but has never gone inside a boxing ring before. But, there is the element of the unknown.

Floyd Mayweather is 40 now and has been out of the ring for two years. People are asking, ‘If Conor can hit him with his powerful left hand, will Mayweather be able to survive that?’.

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