Twitter is on fire and its all because of socialite Khanyi Mbau.

Seem like we’ve got another Micheal Jackson complex on our hands.

Throughout the years, Khanyi has been lightening her skin, along with many other celebrities. These celebrities include Nigerian-Cameroonian singer Dencia who released a dark spot remover which she titled Whitenicious and Sorisha Naidoo, a former Scandal! actress who came out with a whitening skin range of her own. Her complexion has become considerably lighter over the years.

Skin lightening seems to be a real addiction, but if you take it a step too far, then your ‘spook’ pictures will definitely trend on twitter!

After Khanyi posted a selfie of herself on twitter and the twitterati blew up!

Her white-ish complexion did not really attract the adoration she was looking for, but it sure as hell got a lot of spotlight.

And the roasting does not stop there, this is like a wild fire.

To be quite honest, these tweets suck.

There are so much more funnier things to say…

Of all the amazing burns or comments they could think of this ends up to be an anticlimax, but you know what they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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In every situation, you get your pessimists and your optimists...

Thank goodness, we found some people who stood up for Khanyi.


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