Denim jackets have been around for over a century and you can still rock them in 2016! Get in touch with your inner James Dean… Provided you know how to mix Denim in just the right way… If you don’t, we’re about to help you 🙂 The best part about the denim trend it is revolutionary, edgy and totally unisex.

 So no need to question denim relevance in your wardrobe today. The trend is timeless.Denim is also far more versatile than you could imagine. You can wear denim jackets over your hoodie on chilly summer days, or just throw denim over any outfit to spice up your look. The best part about denim is that it goes with every outfit and its do-able for all events.

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To make things more interesting: Step outside the predictable, conventional blue denim and pull off this look by mixing different shades of denim. Unlike other looks where you get Do’s and Don’ts with an outfit, denim doesn’t limit you. Go all out with the denim trend you might be surprised by what you discover…


Its also a life saver to all the brothers that are not into formal blazers. They can still look presentable a denim jacket instead of a rigid formal blazer. It gives you an edge of swag with a denim on top. Like let’s face the facts here, who still wears sharp nose in 2016? – “Boy Bye” that’s just a turn off, rock up on a date with style to keep her eyes locked on you. 


Rock denim like Riri (p.s. it ain’t even that complicated). All you have to do is to break traditional fashion norms. You do this by rocking denim! Don’t do traditional by buttoning up your denim top straight to your throat. That’s just too boring! Why not show your sexy collar bones to make your look much more interesting?


We all have those lazy days where you feel like not wearing anything at all or maybe you just want to take a day off from slaying. But you know what they say, once a slay queen or king, you can nnnnever go back! No need to sweat, you can still slay with just simply wearing your baggy t-shirt and pair it with a denim jacket to give your look a careless X-factor. This look is simple and chilled but yet, very cool.



Girls are no exception, during those lazy days you don’t really want to look like “Plein Jane”, all you want is a look that is hot but doesn’t take too much effort. All you need to do these days is just to wear baggy T-shirts or bae’s XL tshirt with denim jeans. Since you are a lady and you want to look effortlessly sexy, all you need to do it is just to let some skin show through your torn jeans.


To make things extra spicy, you can reuse your old denim and make this beautiful denim choker. 

View tutorial here: DIY DENIM CHOKER

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