Annette de Wet caught up with this gorgeous 1.88m dark hair, blue eyed model… 

Born and bred in Cape Town, Dane Goodwin (32) has worked with international fashion brands like Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Yves St Laurent just to name a few.

Name something crazy on your bucket list!

Definitely go hiking across Tibet with my girlfriend.

5 minutes with a model…

Drink: Moscow Mule with Gin instead of Vodka

Movie: Mad Max Fury Road

Vacation Spot: Mallorca

Sport: Baseball

Cheat Meal: Hamburger

Last thing you’ve googled: ‘Hillary Clinton lies to the American people’

Hobbies: Photography

Diet: Breakfast – Coffee and oats. Lunch – Hamburger and fries. Dinner – Salmon and spinach or steak and sweet potatoes. 

Growing up in South Africa, where are your favourite hang-out spots when you’re in the country?

Cape Town has the best choices when it comes to food! I love to explore new restaurants and food markets… and don’t forget the wine farms.

How did you get ‘noticed’ in the modelling industry?

I walked the runway at Cape Town Fashion Week without being signed and some of my model friends needed a lift back to their agency. I was introduced to the owner, he asked to sign me and I said “sure!”

Getting signed at that point was a big break for me. My first editorial for GQ, travelling to Paris and Milan for Fashion Week, meeting designers like Giorgio Armani were all major career highlights!

What are your thoughts about the SA modelling industry?

Mmm… to be honest South Africa is lucky, because it is without a doubt a beautiful city with unique surroundings and locations.

Fashion changes from city to city and largely depends on the people and culture. South Africa is diverse in both cases and I don’t think it’s an easy thing to balance. It’s hard to avoid gender stereotypes but I see it happening all the time. 

How do you stay in shape?

I enjoy going to the gym, but staying in shape is all about controlling your calorie intake. I don’t do any cardio unless I feel like doing some Kick Boxing but this is more for fun and to have a change of exercise. I believe how you train should fit into what you want to do. I’m focused on my body type and the image I have of what I want to look like.

Let’s be real… how important are looks in landing a job? People have this perception of you as a model which is a little weird, but when they get to know you, it changes. The first thing the client see is your portfolio, but personality is important when you’re on the job, because you have to work long hours with people you’ve never met. 

Let’s talk fashion! Describe your personal style

My personal style is about whatever I can fit into 30 kg of luggage, for real!. I feel most comfortable though wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. I like to have outfits prepared so most of what I wear will go together or compliment my jeans and black t-shirts…

People always see the glamorous side of modelling, what are some of the down sides?

Model agency contracts are often there only to protect the agency, not the model. If you are a working model, educate yourself about the industry when you start. There is another darker aspect to modelling which I think is a personal choice, but it happens that some female models ‘offer’ themselves to rich business men for free parties, expensive gifts and paid holidays. Even some guys would do the same just to shoot with a famous photographer. I’ve heard a lot of stories that would give you the chills!

Please share one of your most embarrassing model moments?

I was waiting in a massive queue at a show casting for Paris Fashion Week, so I slipped out of line to see how many people are in front of me. As I was walking back I noticed about five guys are all wearing the same outfit as me -denim tops, white t-shirts, black pants and military boots. Imagine! We all looked like some boy band from the 90’s…

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