Thanks to TikTok we are getting closer and closer to being able to eat pasta everyday.

The video-sharing app has become the best place to find new recipes or ways to spice up old ones. Whether it is pesto eggs, mug cakes or the viral baked feta pasta, TikTok has inspired many to spend more time in the kitchen making their own food.

The latest trend to take the app by storm are pasta chips: the crunchy, dippable, saucy snack we did not know we needed.

Pasta chips. Picture: Instagram

The trendy snack is perfect for pasta-lovers, chip-lovers, and truly anyone who appreciates a good carbohydrate.

It is also really easy to whip up because all you need is pasta, olive oil, grated parmesan cheese, and your favourite seasoning before baking.

Yumna Jawad who is known as the Feel Good Foodie on social media, shared her recipe for the viral snack that she enjoyed with a dip.

Here is what you need:

Pasta: You can use any pasta of choice. Think of something long and large that you can grab with your fingers and dip. Rigatoni, bowtie and penne are popular choices.

Olive oil: After cooking the pasta, you’ll want to toss it in just a tablespoon of olive oil to help the pasta chips get crispy in the air fryer.

Parmesan cheese: While this is optional, the cheese adds great flavour and gets crispy in the air fryer as well. You can think about soft cheeses that grate well like Gouda or fontina.

Spices: You can use any spices you’d like. For an Italian inspired flavour, try garlic powder and Italian seasoning or oregano.

Dip ingredients: Crumbled feta cheese, Greek yoghurt, garlic and olive oil. You can swap with any other dip you’d like.

How to make the pasta chips:

Cook that pasta al dente in a pot of heavily salted water.

Drain the pasta and toss with olive oil, parmesan cheese and spices

Air fry until golden and crispy, shaking the basket a few times.

Remove from the air fryer and allow to cool slightly before enjoying!

The hashtag #pastachips has over 35 million views on TikTok since more and more creators are making the snack.

Nick Digiovanni updated the recipe by frying the pasta in oil instead of using an air fryer.

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