No matter how old you are, it’s a literal personal minefield when preparing for a first date that includes involuntary sweating, nervous rambling, hesitance and the many little silent prayers – “God or higher being up there, please help me, that everything goes smoothly”.

Still sceptical about these first date jitters?

Ask any married man and they will tell you that the relationship with their wife started somewhere along these jittery lines.

No matter how close they might be now, there was a point when the husband decided to take a chance to see if they were actually compatible for the long run and it all started off with the first date.

Like the old saying goes, “first impressions matter”.

It is always important to make an extra effort with your first date because time lost is never regained and there is no doubt that ladies admire a man who is threaded both from the inside-out.

1. If you’re going out on a date with a woman, dress like you have a semblance of style.

So often men debate that looks don’t quite matter if you really love a person.

Come on, Bob… Let’s be realistic now. Who has a scanner to view your heart?

It is important that you physically present yourself in a manner that will make her want to hang out with you again.

This presents an opportunity to take her on a journey towards discovering your heart and your adoration for her.

Simply put, physical attraction matters. Clothing covers about 80.5% of your body.

Therefore it is important that you choose the right outfit to draw attention to your most favourable features.

Most women care about appearances and they are drawn to healthy, stylish, attractive looking men.

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Tip: The type of date that you are going for guides your look. For more formal dates, don a trendy suit and for laidback dates try going with something casual and classic.

2. Choose the right cologne

Fragrance is important. Your scent establishes your personality, your sexuality, and your personal style. It communicates and leaves a mark without you saying a word.

Despite the amazing cologne commercials we see on our TV screens that suggest that angels will fall from the sky from a single spritz; Truth is that every lady has their own unique preferred cologne.

It is very important to choose the correct cologne because despite your attractive looks, choosing the wrong cologne might be a total turn off.

There are certain odors (pheromones) that under specific human circumstances can increase a woman’s attraction to a man. Depending on your own personal style, choosing the correct cologne enhances that.

Cologne options by Ask a man:

The One by Dolce & Gabbana It is made with an unusual mixing of strong base notes of cedar wood, a classic professional scent and tobacco form the foundation for coriander and basil.

It gives you a unique scent yet intimate smell.

Versace Pour Homme It gives you a youthful mixture of musk on the bottom and bergamot riding over the top.

Versace Pour Homme gives the under 30 man, an invigorating scent for any activity.

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Tip: Don’t focus on putting on too much cologne. You might repel a woman and come across as trying too hard.

Instead, focus on simply being clean, and dab just a touch of perfume on your inner wrist and behind your ear.

3. Add a stylish accessory to leave your mark

A small stylish detail that best describes your personality will leave a favourable impression.

Details are an easy conversation starter on a date and they allow the woman to know more about you and the things that mean something to you.

Additionally, they don’t only leave an impression but also shows the lucky woman that you care about the way you look and that you pay attention to detail.

Tip: Instead of wearing a plain shirt, try something with a pocket on your chest.

African bead necklaces or bracelets (whatever best describes you).

4. 5 minute grooming sessions

Always make sure that your fingernails are clean and well moisturised.

Visit your barber for a classic fresh haircut. Don’t try something new because you never know how it might turn out.

As much as you want to make that extra effort, rather stick to your preferred lane.

Some men are hairy, well it’s not a crime because some women like their men wrapped in hair.

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Don’t miss the point, this is not a waxing class.

However try to control a bit of your hair on exposed areas, because you don’t want to reveal too much which might act against you moving up to a second date.

Instead of taking a chance, rather try to cover your hair that you don’t want to remove and just shape the exposed areas that you want to show.

Tip: For a haircut?

Try a fade in haircut, it never disappoints.

A man going out on a first date should make sure that he looks the part.

Leave an impression with an unforgettable scent, also being well groomed and well mannered.

After the above checklist is ticked, remember to be yourself and just enjoy the moment, without overthinking about possible first date flops.

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