Yay, it’s Friday Eve! Let’s celebrate with a drink or two.

Everyone has a valid reason to drink tonight! Or, if that’s not a good enough reason to get wasted, tell the bartender or your drinking buddies it’s because it’s Phuza Thursday or Thirsty Thursday.

No one will judge you with that explanation!

If you are fortunate enough to still have liqueur from last weekend in your kitchen then you can turn yourself into a instant bartender and make yourself an amazing drink or impress your friends with a few sundowners this evening, to get you in the weekend mood.

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Explore a little by making your own drinks while you can still buy the ingredients because a week from now- you will be Googling happy hour servings, so you can get drank for less while you are waiting for the next payday. Now, have fun and make your own.

Here are three impressive techniques to make the perfect drink.

Watch and be inspired:

Congratulations to all bartenders with professional day! Thank you for your kind smile, great drinks and intoxicating fun! Let's toast with #moscowmule In the era of "gold rush” in the United States many sellers who wanted to gain more profits, began to offer alcoholic beverages a La carte. Naturally, it was necessary to fence off the rack with alcohol from the store, so the room was divided by a partition. The area of communication and recreation received the name of «bar», and the person working behind the counter, called “the bartender. After some time, this profession has spread around the world, and bars have become very popular, because they could eat, drink and talk with interesting people, and the bartender will always be able to entertain and distract from everyday problems faced by each.

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