Legal eagle, Thando Hopa has been announced as the new face of Audi Q2 compact SUV.

Model, activist and lawyer has officially partnered with Audi South Africa in a unique marketing concept for the launch of the SUV. The advert portrays Thando from every admirable and inspirational angle showing off her best features.

The advert shows the many hats she wears on a daily basis with a powerful hashtag such as #lawyer, #model #activist and #Untaggable .

Then right at the end, revealing the hot vehicle.

The aim of the campaign is to motivate people to embrace and break stereotypes of identity and beauty making Thando the perfect face to push the motive of the campaign.

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“Thando was the only choice as the face of the Audi Q2 #untaggable local story,” says Head of Audi South Africa, Paul Sansom in an interview with Destiny magazine.

“She personifies the Audi Q2 approach — she refuses to be boxed, labelled or categorised. We are also inspired by her personal journey, her success in so many careers and her activism on behalf of people with albinism.”

“The truth is, Thando is impossible to categorise. She is current, edgy and upscale, but refuses to fit the mould. Her inspiring life story and unique approach make her a perfect fit for the Audi Q2, a vehicle that refuses to be labelled,” said Sansom.

Thando has been the voice that challenges the stereotypes around albinism beauty, as well as refusing to limit her modelling success only to the absence of pigment in her skin.

Last year she addressed challenges faced by individuals with albinism and to make recommendations to civil society, government and the private sector at the UN.

Her modelling career kicked off when she was approached by local designer Gert Johan Coetzee at a mall in 2012. She’s been making waves ever since and appearing on major run walks, showing off her beauty and strength.


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