Apartheid- {An Afrikaans word meaning the state of being apart, used to refer to the inhumane government policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in South Africa.}

The Apartheid era is a very important part of our history, many lives were changed and many were lost. Its wounds and aftermath will forever be engraved in many peoples minds.

Social media seemed like they have been waiting for the hashtag #IfApartheidDidNotHappen, as Tweeps went into a frenzy with comments of what could have been if apartheid did not happen.

For the most part, people turned it into a joke, while some were left nostalgic whilst reminiscing about the horrible effects it has had on their lives.

The colour of skin was a prominent topic within the social media discussion.

Will we ever heal from the effects of Apartheid?

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Brothers took the opportunity to throw shade on the ladies for rocking waves instead of their natural hair.

Referring to the recent reaction to Springbok’s player Siya Kolisi interracial marriage, some white people took to social media to express their “disgust” of the marriage.

Will South Africa heal from apartheid?

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