Hey! so just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean we have to pack away all our cute summer wear, because that’s what we tend to do right?

So why not modify it a little? When you think winter you think thick jackets, cute jerseys Yes! I said cute because believe it or not winter wear has become quite fashion forward.

So why not rock some modified fashion forward summer wear in winter #DareToBeDiferrent we don’t want to look the same and feel the same or not feel sexy because you have to cover up not that covering up can’t be gorgeous #FYI it can but why not show a little skin and still feel warm and #ShowWinterWho’sBoss.

1. Now who would’ve thought you could actually rock shorts paired with a crop top and denim shirt this winter. To add a little warmth to the look, add  #Stalkings as they make any outfit look warmer.

Photo credit: Instagram

2. More of a daytime look would be this gorgeous knitwear crop sweater
and a cute skater skirt now yes! it shows some stomach and nobody wants to look
to exposed in winter but honestly what’s that in the face of looking  #Gorgeous
in those cold streets.

Photo credit: Instagram

3. Going to an event and have no idea what to wear to look warm, cute yet
elegant? Well how about rocking a short sleeved crop top with a midi
skirt, a blazer and a cute pair of heels, girl you’ll sure be turning heads #AllEyesOnYou

Photo credit: instagram

4. To all the chilled tomboy kind of ladies out there I haven’t forgotten about you
so here is a way for you to rock your very own style and still add some girly

I know you would rather wear some jeans which is cool but this time
instead of just wearing a shirt and jeans, let’s find a cuter way of being
comfortable like adding a cute crop top under your shirt this way your warm and

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