The blonde beauty decided to re-evaluate her bedtime routine after she realised she was constantly stressed. “Sometimes it can be tricky having an international business (Australia is waking up in my evening), but I try and go to bed around 10 p.m. and
wake up around 5 a.m.

“I start the wind-down process at about 9 p.m.–it’s usually a shower, or sometimes if I need to relax, a bath.”

Speaking to, she said: “I am pretty simple with my bedtime routine“.

The focus of our evenings is family time–we love having dinner together as much as possible–with some quiet time to wind down before bed.

She explained: “I believe in the power of sleep“, When the kids were younger I didn’t think twice about late nights and early mornings.

I’d start my day with an espresso and off I’d go. But not getting enough sleep started taking its toll–my adrenals were stressed and I wasn’t feeling well.

“Even though I believed I was living a healthy lifestyle, I was cancelling out all my good habits by not allowing my body to rest and repair at night. I learned that when we sleep, our bodies have time to recharge and adequately repair. Now I get my seven hours a night!”

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